Conditions of Entry

If you do not accept these terms and conditions immediately exit the complex.

1. You enter and use the complex at your own risk including the risk of any injury, death, theft, loss or damage.
2. You are responsible for securing your vehicle in the complex.
3. Keep Foot OFF the Brake and Engines OFF whilst film is in progress.
4. You must not leave rubbish in the complex except in any bin provided by us for that purpose.
5. You must follow signs and instructions by us and any person appointed by us to control the complex and adhere to and follow any directions and regulations displayed in the complex or otherwise communicated to you from time to time.
6. We have the right to enter, move (including to an outside area), drive, prevent the exit or movement of, or have towed away any vehicle. We are not liable for any damage caused to your vehicle if we move it.
7. Management has the right to refuse or terminate entry without refund without any reason whatsoever.
8. Once patrons have decided to view one or two films upon entry and purchased their tickets no refunds will be given unless required by law.
9. It is the patrons responsibility to have an operational FM car stereo or portable radio to tune to the sound of the movie. A limited number of old fashioned speakers are provided on Field 1 for nostalgia purposes. Field 2 & Field 3 have no old fashion speakers. You acknowledge it is your responsibility to have an operational FM Car Stereo and there are no refunds for old fashion speakers that are not in working order.
10. Tickets must be retained at all times.
11. Any form of dangerous and or reckless driving will result in the ejection of the vehicle and all its occupants. A report will be made to the Qld Police and registration details, vehicle make and model will be passed on. Any supporting video footage will also be passed to police.
12. No photography, filming or video recording is permitted without prior consent from management.
13. Children under 12 years must be supervised at all times when using the playground . Inappropriate behaviour, running and jumping from equipment will not be tolerated in the playground.
14. Each vehicle is entitled to one space.
15. Footwear must be worn at all times.
16. Be considerate of people around you. Do not shout or raise your volume excessively. Obscene language will not be tolerated.
17. Laser pointers are forbidden. Use will result in the ejection of the vehicle and all occupants.
18. It is the patrons responsibility to check session times and ensure that they are parked on the correct field to view their intended film.
19.  On busy nights start time of film may be delayed until all vehicles are parked due to safety reason. Customers and online bookings are processed in order of arrival at the theatre. First in first served for best viewing positions. Please be patient it takes time to process vehicles on busy nights.
20.  We are a licenced venue. Outside alcohol is not permitted on the premises.